Is There A Skill Scarcity When IT Comes Cyber Security in India?

As per Tata communications CEO, India is putting up sensitive data online already but the security is a big concern. There is a grave shortage of skilled professionals around cyber security. Some time earlier even the Chief Security Officer of Andra Pradesh region had made a similar comment. He also pointed out that even the pursuing students are not aware of the industry requirements. Hence, they are trying to set up internship programs and arrange guest lectures for awareness and insight into the same. The idea is to make them industry ready. The Tata communications CEO also mentioned about their initiatives around cyber skill security including their tie-ups with sastra university in order to set up a cyber security lab as well as the launch of their new Cyber Security Response Centre (CSRC) at Chennai. This centre is set up with the objective of monitoring traffic flows while monitoring cyber attacks like botnets, malware, phishing and more. The centre monitors highly sensitive data with the help of its honeypot servers, that are designed specifically to identify potential threats as well as malicious attacks. Additionally, they also use open source data and commercial feeds to monitor and manage security services.

The CEO also pointed out the fact that with smart cities coming up in the near future, there is a lot of sensitive data that is going to be put online and the government will require data security for their projects. Cybersecurity infrastructure is the need of the hour and the protection of sensitive data is definitely is critical.

Even CEO of the Data Security Council of India warned about the cyber threats in terms of their severity, impact as well as complexity. Due to cloud and mobile data shift, the threats are evolving even more speedily. The data protection has to be upgraded and it will require a whole lot of investment as well.

Looking into the data protection bill, even the ministry of corporate affairs is trying to put into effect stronger breach notification guidelines which in-turn with will add up to the cost the investment on security. Apparently, under this guideline, the companies need to inform the users, if and when there is any compromise with the security of their data.

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