why study in usa

The recent statistics show that around 31% of the students in American universities come from India. In fact, USA is undeniably the Mecca of Higher education not only for India but for aspiring students across the globe. Why not, when it the home for almost half of the world’s best universities that too all equipped with state of the art infrastructure, world class facilities and amenities, expert faculties and professional training already. Obviously, a degree from one of these highly eminent universities is going to take you to another level altogether against the peers.
Let’s take a sneak peak into the major advantages USA offers in terms of higher education:

Call it the Mecca, Jerusalem or Kashi of Academics, USA has it all – crème ala de crème – Harvard, Princeton, Standford and 4000 more cutting edge universities. What’s more, 50 universities in the list of world’s top rated universities are based out of USA.

Wherever or Whichever university or college you choose to study from, you definitely have umpteen courses choices or specializations to choose from depending upon your interest. As per statistics, the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and United States Department of Education (USDE) have approved of around 20,000 programs across universities and colleges. With so many options, you might as well leverage the same and strive to become a specialist in your area of interest.

Universities in USA offer world class educational facilities that include state of the art infrastructure, expert faculties, flexible study system, research and training facilities besides orientation classes for international students so that they can blend in with the lifestyle there rather smoothly. The major plus with these universities is the holistic approach towards imparting education and flexibility they offer to their students. Learning here is like an open canvas where students get to paint their thoughts, ideas and dreams, backed by indepth insights and guidance.

Indeed, once you are certified by one of the top rating universities across the world, you automatically have a foot above the rest. As an internationally qualified professional, you automatically open doors to job opportunities worldwide and more so from the giant congregations overseas.

USA is by far the land of realizing dreams, where students land with their aspirations and work towards achieving them. However cliché it may sound, success is synonymous to degree holders from USA institutes of higher education. No wonder, USA is a gateway to higher education for almost 1 million international students across its blanket spread of thousands of top notch universities.