Engineering Education in India

To meet these underlying challenges and make the most of the available opportunities in Engineering, the need of the hour is to make the engineers of today ready for the industry tomorrow. The global perspective and dimensions have to be considered herein as well because Engineering is in itself a global industry. Considering the potential of India to become a global technology leader in areas like chemicals, automobiles and more, it is all the more important to work upon high education and research areas in India.

This means that engineering courses that the Engineering institutions in India are offering need to be improved for new competences and made interdisciplinary. Research in Engineering is possibly and other important cornerstone for paving the path to breakthroughs in engineering. It is known to be the main source of knowledge locally, regionally, nationally or internationally. The modern research is not only about learning processes but on educational techniques as well. There are numerous leading institutes in India that have already taken a step in the direction by empower students with the required skills and knowledge for optimum impact.

One of the approaches to adopt could be to go for adult learning methods using active learning instead of the traditional teacher led approach which apparently hinders the growth of the recipient. It is time to make optimum use of the innovative tools of teaching and learning and make the whole process of imparting education seamless, flexible and interesting for the recipients. Also, another fact is that engineering is expanding while experiencing diversification as well. The domino effect, a rise in interdisciplinary studies has been observed. Interdisciplinary skills are about learning to analyze, communicate effectively and resolve issues from workplace to workplace. Hence, introduction of social science and other relevant disciplines makes sense. This interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary or holistic approach in engineering is definitely a stepping stone in the direction.

The Future of Engineering Education in India


Thus, a focused approach where the curriculum includes well designed academic programs, educational projects and policy statements that are analyzed thoroughly in order to provide sustainability in engineering education seems to be the requirement for a shining future of engineering sector already.



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