Engineering Education in India

Engineering has been on the top of the list of careers in India after medicine and umpteen colleges are cropping out offering engineering courses in various traditional and new streams like nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, fire, and safety engineering, to name a few. The colleges though has seen a dip off in the recruitment of fresher’s and many surveys and studies have brought to light the business-minded approach of the college management that aims only in getting their students placed and not on imparting industry-relevant education and training. Many colleges have taken note of this and are working on implementing refined learning methods that include modern labs for learning and technology integrated teaching. After globalization particularly, colleges and universities have pulled up their socks and revamped their engineering programs to match the global technology and engineering education standards.

Let us run down some of the upgrades that colleges have made at their end.
Industry oriented Courses
Industry oriented courses help students to learn from the best brains in the business. Such programs give them an opportunity to interact with professionals as well as professors about cutting edge technology, innovation, emerging trends in technology and more. They help students stay in touch with the latest in the tech world.

Learning from texts book is routine but digitization has taken over the world and even education. So colleges and universities are using visual aids and adaptive learning software to impart engineering education to their students.

Hands-on training
This approach has helped students graduate as industry ready professionals because when in college they are able to use the classroom material in the real work like research, 3D printing and more thus empowering them. This makes them good critical problem solvers once they are in the field.

Honing non-technical skills
While technical skills are the cornerstones of engineering education, soft skills are vital for fostering leadership qualities in them and hone their communication skills also.

Innovation for Entrepreneurship
With an idea to encourage the urge of entrepreneurship and innovation amongst students engineering institutions are setting up incubation and fabrication centre’s as well as warehouses. They are also training them by providing them with challenging opportunities and specific goals to achieve.

Thus educational institutions that are wide awake and care for their students are leaving no stones unturned to match up to the class of international engineering institutions, thus benefitting the students above all.