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5G is in everywhere today and all the mobile phone carriers are slowly migrating to the newest version. When it comes to the effects of technology the agencies as well as the government have stated that there is nothing to be alarmed of the radio frequency waves. But, there are experts who share different thoughts.

Talking about 5G technology, obviously it is going to be faster than ever before and includes high speed browsing and video streaming as well as downloading, much improved than before thanks to tech innovations. Its main objective though is to increase capacity and decrease latency and a boon for integrated applications because it’s the communication time taken for two devices to communicate and hence plays a significant role in self driving cars, robotics and medical devices. 5G technology bring to the table higher frequency bandwidths over the radiofrequency spectrum.

Now question is how is 5G connected to health. Apparently, it’s the electromagnetic radiation and its impact of health that has triggered controversy.

Primarily, electromagnetic radiation is measured in hertz and means number of cycles per second. The lower end of the frequency spectrum is between 50 and 60 HZ. Now nonoionizing radiation is a when low frequency waves like visible light, ultraviolet spectrum, radio waves, microwaves and infrared radiation take us in terahertz spectra, GHZ and megahertz(MHz). Above this are the exhahertz and petahertz spectra that include gamma and X-rays.

The range of Radiofrequency EMFs (RF-EMFs) varies from 30 kilohertz to 300 GHz and the sources of exposure of RF-EMFs are largely handheld devices like tablets, cellphones, medical applications as well as TV antennas, to name a few.

It’s a proven fact that RF-EMFs lead to heating and high doses could lead in temperature rise in turn leading to burns of exposed tissues and other damage.

Even though mobile phones do emit RF-EMFS, it is at a low level. Hence, the arrival of 5G is a concern for people and experts who are debating about the side effects.

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