5 Tips To Choose The Best Engineering College

After 12th Science, even if you are a star performer, there are times when confusions with respect to college selection surround you. Well, as far as engineering colleges are concerned, India has been brimming with them. Many a times, you get multiple choices with respect to colleges and you need to choose one college to move ahead with your career. Here are a few tips to help you out of this dilemma and help you opt for the engineering college that fosters your abilities and moulds you into an industry ready engineering professional.

Colleges are affiliated to universities and to join a reputed university, its important check for the affiliation of the available college. AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) and UGC (University Grants Commission) are the governing bodies that deal into accreditation and affiliations. Do check the affiliation of your college before you move ahead with your selection.

Colleges are provided with rankings, ratings or gradings based on the quality of education, infrastructure, training and placement opportunities they provide. So, primarily, you need to checkout the grading of the college. Colleges are generally accredited by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) wherein top colleges like IITs and NITS fall under A+ and A gradings. Visit the college website to check out the college virtually or you may also take a trip to the shortlisted colleges on your list. With the influx of so many colleges in India, it becomes all the more important to check out the infrastructure and faculty there. Do validate the rankings from genuine sources as there is a possibility of even rankings being rigged.

If you have two or three courses selected as well as a few colleges to choose and ultimately it boils down to a good course or a good college, don’t go for a toss. Going for a good college is always a better idea because good colleges not only provide better education but the biggies prefer alumni of good colleges as well. So, if its a well paying job that you are looking for, go for a good college, unless you have a passion for certain course and are willing to take it up irrespective of the opportunities it provides. You can always become an entrepreneur and carve out a career for your self, treading your won path.

Location apparently should not matter and its always a good idea to opt for good college even if the location seems to be far off. Moving out of the comfort zone, gives you exposure and helps you become independent. But, at times, location does matter for students who prefer to stay in their shells. By any chance if you are one of them and have an option for a nearby locations, grab it off. Consider your self lucky to be studying near by your home, but also start preparing yourself to fly out because post your graduation, you might need to for higher education or work.
For a promising career in Engineering, you need to do some ground work while selecting the college so that all your efforts are paid off well post the completion of your course. And yes try to become a leader and not a robot on the money minting run.

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