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Publications of Vijay Kumar H


  1. Vijaykumar H.,Dr Sakey Shamu.,(2012), “Study On Fracture Parameters Of Scc And Steel Fiber Reinforced SCC(SFRSCC)-An Overview” International Journal Of Emerging Technology And Advanced Engineering (ISSN 2250-2459,ISO 9001;2008 Certified Journal, Volume no 2,Issue 12, December 2012, pp 498-508.

  2. Vijaykumar H.,Dr Sakey Shamu.,(2013), “Study On Fracture Parameters Of Scc -An Overview” International Journal Of Earth Science And Engineering(IJEE)(ISSN 0974-5904) ,Volume 6,issue 6(01) December 2013,pp 1674-1683.


Accepted one paper by national journal and will be published in August 2015.