Publications of Kamalakara G.K


    1. Fatigue performance studies of fiber Reinforced High Volume Fly Ash Concrete Article for Souvenir on 60th CRRI Foundation Day. 16th July 2012


    1. Study of Temperature Differential in Different Types of Concrete Slabs IJRAR, April – June 2018

    2. Strength Behaviour of Concrete Using GGBS & FLY ASH IJREAM, – June-2018

    3. Strength Characteristics of Ternary Blended Mix Concrete IJSRR, April – June 2018

    4. An Overview of Determination of Cement Concrete Abrasion in Pavement IJSART, – May 2017

    5. Study of Compressive Strength of Concrete made using Fly-Ash IJER, Jan-Feb2016

    6. Study on blended cement composites with 53 grade OPC composite for marine condition IJERT, March-2015.

    7. Remedial Measures and Improvements to Ramoohalli Junction, A Case Study IJERGS, Sep-Oct, 2015

    8. Analysis of combined stresses in high-performance concrete pavements – A Review IJAERT, Sep-2014

    9. Studies on Fatigue Characteristics of Cement Concrete made with demolished Concrete waste IJAERT, Apr-2014

    10. Fatigue Analysis of High performance Cement Concrete for pavements using the probabilistic Approach IJETAE, Nov-2012


    1. Kamalakara.G.K.,Nikhil T.R Presented a paper titled “Remedial measures and Improvements to Yeshwanthpur junction”, A case study in ICICE National Conference 2013 on 26-09-2013 & 27-09-2013, at RRCE – Bangalore

    2. Kamalakara.G.K. Kotresh K.M, Presented a paper titled “Study on performance of discarded tyre rubber as a concrete aggregates” in ICICE National Conference 2013 on 26-09-2013 & 27-09-2013, at RRCE – Bangalore.