Publications of Dr. N. Guruprasad

Referred International Journals:

  1. Empowering Multi-Hop Communication for Hybrid WSNs using Transmit-Only nodes.

  2. Serial and Parallel Implementation of shortest path algorithm in the optimization of Public Transport Travel

  3. An Estimate of Heuristic approach to obtain the shortest path for real road public transport network.

  4. Vehicle Tracking System and Minimization of dead mileage.

Referred International Conferences:

  1. A study of Operations Research techniques related to Graph Theory including optimization of network flows and transportation.

  2. Operations Research Applications for Infrastructure Development of BMTC (Bangalore Metro Transport Corporation ).

  3. Trends in road traffic crashes and associated injury and fatality – A case study of BMTC (Bangalore Metro transport Corporation).

  4. Urban Traffic Scenario and Transportation Planning Process for Bangalore.

  5. Reoptimization of Minimum Travelling salesman’s problem.

  6. Minimization Approach of Assignment Technique to solve Transportation Problem.

  7. Generalized implementation of Program Evaluation Review Technique and Critical Path Method using EXCEL Spreadsheet.

  8. Trends in Road Traffic Injuries – A Global Impact.

  9. Algorithmic approach to determine critical path in a project network.

  10. Use of approximation methods for finding an initial near optimal basis and improve towards optimality for the Transportation problem.

  11. Experimental analysis of approximate algorithm for metric Travelling salesman problem

  12. Shortest Path Approach to find critical path in a Network Model

  13. Bus Allocation and its utilization between two terminals.

  14. Alternate approach to Strassen’s Matrix Multiplication.

Referred National Conferences:


  2. Curriculum Development to gear up for Global Competitiveness

  3. GNU GRUB Boot Loader.

  4. Optimization of Traveling Salesman Problem – An algorithmic approach with code and animation.

  5. An Operations Research Approach of reoptimizing the Traveling Salesman Problem

  6. Quality Assurance in Education: A Case study of PESIT

  7. Application of Telemedicine in remote areas of Karnataka – A case study of Narayana Hrudayalaya


  1. Published a book titled “ Computer Concepts & C Programming “

  2. Published a book titled “Data Structures using C “. Second edition released in Jan 2006.

  3. Co-authored a book on “Statistical Applications and Computer Programming “ for Pharmacy, JNTU Hyderabad.