Steering Committee

NISP Steering Committee

An Implementation Team with following ex ecutive members is formulated to Implement National Innovation and Startup Policy 2019 at College (HEI) Level in association with RajaRajeswari Institute Innovation Cell (RRIIC).
1. Chair Person : Dr. T.Chandrashekar, Principal
2. Convener : Dr.J.Amutharaj, NISP Co-ordinator, RRCE


Team / Club / Centre Established in the Campus

Executive Committee members

Key Performance Indicator(s)


IPR Cell

Dr.R.Balakrishna, Dean, RRCE

Dr.Rajesh K.S., ASP, CSE

Dr.N.Sreenivasalu Reddy, ASP, Mech. Engg., & IPR
Co-ordinator – RRIIC

Dr.K.Aravinthan, ASP, Civil Engg. & NIRF Co-ordinator

40 IPR to be filed by Faculty members and 5 Student patents
to be filed per year


Women Entrepreneurship and Start Up Creation Cell

Dr.S.Usha, Dean – Research & Innovation, Vice President

Mrs.Jyothi A.P., ASP, ECE &

Member, RRIIC

5 Women Entrepreneurship Team and 5 Women Start ups at HEI
level per year


IDEA Club & Prototype Centre

Dr.J.Amutharaj, Professor & Head – ISE & President

Prof. Thanujkumar, AP – Mech. Engg.

Dr. Neha Singhal, AP – ISE

Mrs. T. Devi, AP-CSE

A minimum of 50 Ideas to be identified and 25 Prototypes to
be developed per year


Innovation Club

Dr.C.Ramesh, Professor & Head,

Mech. Engg. & Convener – RRIIC

Dr.M.Karthikeyan, Professor, Mech. Engg.

Dr.P.Bhuvaneswari, ASP, ECE

Mr. Pavankumar K.R, Visiting Prof., EEE

Member – RRIIC

Two National Level, 4 HEI level Innovation Competitions and
Promotion of students and faculty members for participation


Entrepreneurship Development Cell


Professor, ECE & ARIIA Co-ordinator, RRCE

Mrs. Sincy Kuruvilla, Asst. Prof., EEE & Social Media
Co-ordinator, RRIIC

Two National Level, 5 HEI level EDC activities &
Promotion of 50% of students and 70% of faculty members for
participation in Entrepreneurship Development Activities in
the campus and National Level Events


Start up Club

Dr.D.Sobya, ASP – ECE & Start up Co-ordinator, RRIIC

Mrs. Rajeswari S, AP – ISE & Member – RRIIC\

Mr. Ravikumar, AP –Mech. Engg.

Ms. Veena N, AP – Civil Engg.

10 Startup Teams and 5 Entrepreneurship Team & 5 Start
up at HEI level per year


Internship Training Centre @ Start ups

Dr. Vijaya, S.M., ASP – ECE & Faculty Innovation
Co-ordinator, RRIIC

Dr.Sumitha Manoj, ASP – ECE & Internship Co-ordinator –

Mr.Avinash, Asst. Prof., EEE

Arrangement of Internship Training for at least 25% of the
students in Start ups in the Campus