NISP Introduction

It has been mandated by AICTE and Ministry of Education, Govt. of India to formulate an Innovation and Start up Policy based on the NISP 2019 policy framework.

RRCE ISP 2020 for students and faculty members is a guiding framework for the students and faculty members of RajaRajeswari College of Engineering will enable them to actively engage in Innovation and Entrepreneurship related activities.


To become a Centre of Excellence of International Repute in Innovation and Entrepreneurship by creating a self-sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurial Eco system in the campus by 2025.


To create and cultivate a vibrant and self sustainable start up eco system in RRCE campus by providing state of the art infrasture facilities, mentoring support and seed funding support which resulting in Innovation and Entrepreneurship driven employment and economic growth.

Short Term Objectives:

Encourage, facilitate and support development at least 10 technology based start-ups in RajaRajeswari College of Engineering.

Long Term Objectives:

Extend the dedicated infrastructure support, mentoring support and seed funding support to at least 10 start up companies for developing innovative technology based application or products or services for high social impact sectors such as Sanitation, Food Processing, Clean energy, healthcare, education and agriculture.