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Workshop On SQL With Hands On

Resource Person : Mr. Tokala Durga Rao Senior Technical
Manager Oracle,Bangalore

Date : 7th January 2023

Time : 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Objective of the Workshop: The objective of the workshop is to enable students to understand overview of
data management systems.
Relational model and query languages.
Database design using the ER Model,ER Diagrams,UML Class Diagrams.
Relational database design and normalization.
A brief introduction to decision support and data analysis.

Target Participants : 26

Outcome of the Program

  • The students were able to understand database concepts and data management
    system software
  • Have a high level understanding of major DBMS components and their
  • The students were able to write SQL commands to create tables and indexes.
  • The students were able to program a data intensive application using DBMS

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