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Workshop on National Innovation and Start Up (NISP)

Resource Person : Dr.G.Vinoth, M.S.Ph.D (U.S.A) Founder & CEO, Incubation Eco System Enabler, Pongu Ventures, Chennai.

Date : 11th December 2019

Time : 10.20 AM to 12.30 PM

Venue : Von Neumann Seminar Hall, II Floor, RRCE,

Co-ordinator : Dr.S.Usha, Vice President, RRIIC & Dean – Research & Innovation, Bangalore.

Number of Participants : 35

Outcome of the Program :

Dr. G. Vinoth conducted a workshop for first year students, on National Innovation and Start up Policy 2019 with the special focus on Student Startup Policy as per MIC guidelines. The National Innovation and Startup Policy 2019 for students of how to enable our institute to actively engage, and encourage our 1st and 2nd year students to participate in Entrepreneurial activities thereby they are well prepared to launch their startup venture when they enter into final year. He also selected few Entrepreneurs among first year students in first year who have shown interest in startup programs. The students got awareness about setting up a start up (including social start ups) and working part-time for the start ups while studying. Also Students are advised to work on micro innovative projects and setting up start ups (including Social Start ups) or work as intern / part-time in startups while studying.

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