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Workshop on Interview Skills

Date: 02/02/2024
Time: 10.00am to 4.00pm
Resource Person: Mr. Karthick Chandrasekeran
Venue: Chanakya Seminar Hall
Target Participants: 2nd year MBA students
Number of Participant: 54
Program Outcome:

  • Interviewing skills are the emotional and tactical techniques that make job seekers more effective when interviewing for a new position.
  • The most important skill for an interview is verbal communication because it helps you convey valuable information about your education, abilities and experience to a potential employer.
  • Leadership is a set of qualities necessary to lead people or an organization. It is the art of motivating, guiding, and inspiring people to work together towards a common goal. Leadership qualities define what makes a leader effective. There are four leadership qualities: vision, influence, motivation, and competence.
  • Focus on demonstrating your strengths.
  • Achievable. Make sure your goals are realistic and within your capabilities.
  • Meeting kickoff. Motivate your employees to enjoy meetings and share ideas by starting professional gatherings off with a quick game or icebreaker
  • Stress interviews involve an assortment of questions meant to put a candidate in an uncomfortable or stressful situation, which can help employers understand how a candidate responds to these types of scenarios.
  • Cracking an interview is a skill that can be developed and improved over time. It involves a combination of preparation, self-confidence, effective communication, and the ability to showcase your qualifications and fit for the position.
  • Self introduction

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