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Webinar on Adaptability

Resource Person : Mr. C. Sumugan

Date : 5th Mach 2022

Time : 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Venue : Google Meet

Target Participants : 1st Year MBA Students

Outcome of the Program :

  • Adaptability starts with the individual. Core Elements: Self-acceptance, Self-awareness and Self-accountability.
  • Knowledge on blending information in any kind of environment.
  • Enhance confidence in students to be open minded, be open to new ideas and to changes, to get out of comfort zone.
  • Take Risks: Open-up your fixed mindset and let yourself fly again like an EAGLE.
  • Embrace learning in competitive world, to be optimistic and to believe in ourselves.
  • Key Take Away: To be adaptable like WATER. As, adaptability is an advantage and the simple secret of success in life.

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