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Sports Talent Hunt – 2023

RRCE Sports & Games News Update on 9th November 2023
Department of Physical Education and Sports & Department of Science & Humanities of RajaRajeswari College of Engineering (RRCE), Bengaluru jointly organizing the “Sports Talent Hunt” in connection with the “KANNADA RAJYOTSAVA celebrations of 2023” on 10th November 2023 (Friday) between 8.30 A.M. and 4.30 P.M.
Venue : RRCE College Ground
Organizing Committee :
Dr.R.Balakrishna, Principal,
Dr.J.Amutharaj, Vice Principal,
Dr.S.Usha, Dean – Research & Innovation
Dr.P.Ebby Darney, First year Coordinator,
Dr.A.S.Hariprasad, HoD – Maths Dept.,
Dr.Sudhakara A, HoD – Chemistry.
Dr.Krishnakumar K.S, HoD – Physics,
Prof. RAdhakrishna, Sports Coordinator – RRCE & Convener
Mr. Mallikarjun, B. H, Physical Education Director & Convener