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Date: 13/04/2024
Venue: ECE DSP Lab
Addressed by: Sathvik U M & Jayanth
DigiToad Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Objectives: The objective of FDP is to motivate faculty to learn the new VTU-prescribed software. The titles are discussed by the guest speaker is:

  1. Data acquisition using LabVIEW for temperature measurement with thermocouple, AD590, RTD, Thermistor
  2. Creation of CRO using LabVIEW with measurement of frequency and amplitude from an external source
  3. Create a function generator using LabVIEW and display the amplitude and frequency on CRO (externally connected)

Outcomes: Faculty can effectively teach the students about the new Lab VIEW software.
Number of participants: 30 Faculties
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