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Recent Trends in AI & ML An Industry Perspective 2023

Date: 10th March 2023
Venue: APJ Abdul Kalam Hall, RRCE
Instructor: Mr. Venkata Reddy P.S, Senior Developer, SAP Labs, Bangalore
The main aim of the session was to explain the role of Recent Trends in AI & ML to our
Electronics and Communication Engineering students was that how the students should get ready in
order be flexible to the upgrading world. The objective of this program is to learn.

  • what is AI & ML
  • What is the major role of Electronics engineers in it
  • AI & ML Growth
  • The Evolution AI

Total numbers of participants: 270
Major Session Contents:
Mr. Venkata Reddy P.S explained about the artificial intelligence and machine learning which represents an
important evolution in computer science and data processing that is quickly transforming a vast array of
He also spoke about the major role of electronic engineers who entered these fields work on designing,
constructing, maintaining, and improving robotics and AI systems, such as using machine learning to deliver
more accurate results.
He further explained the growth and evolution of AI in past few years. AI evolved into a powerful tool that
enables machines to think and act likes humans. Moreover, it has garnered focus from tech companies around
the world and considered next significant technological shift after the evolution in mobile and cloud platforms.
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