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Quantum Communications and Computing & Awareness on IEEE Memberships 2023

Date: 2nd May 2023
Time: 10:30am -12:30pm
Venue: APJ Abdul Kalam Hall, RRCE
Instructor: Dr. T Srinivas, Professor at IISc, Bangalore
The main aim of the session was to explain the basics regarding Quantum Communication &
Computing and spreading awareness regarding IEEE memberships to our students. How the
students should get ready in this situation to grab the opportunities to build their career in
Quantum Communications and Computing. He also explains how to be a member of the
IEEE Council.
The objective of this program is to learn

  • To know about Quantum Communication & Computing.
  • Integrated Quantum Communication System
  • Research done in Applied Photonics Lab ,IISC.
  • Information regarding IEEE memberships

Total numbers of participants: 220
Major Session Contents:
DR. T. Srinivas, talked about the recent breakthroughs and research regarding Quantum
Communication & Computing and how helpful it will be for the faculties and researchers
working in the areas of ECE and encouraged the students to follow their passion in Quantum
Computing as that is the future of Computer & Communication Technology. He also
lightning on the IEEE Memberships, and its benefits. He explains the few topics listed below.

  • What is Quantum Information Technology (Computer & Communication)
  • Quantum Bits(Q-bits)
  • DiVincenzo Criteria
  • Quantum Computers & Communication
  • Quantum Entanglement and Cryptography
  • Integrated Quantum Communication Devices and Photonics
  • Research on Integrated Quantum Communication Devices in the Applied Photonics Lab.
  • Information regarding IEEE memberships and advantages of it.
  • Motivating students to take up IEEE membership.

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