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Orientation Program – 2023 Afternoon Session

Type of Event: Orientation Program
Title of the Event: Time management
Resource Person: Mr. Venkatesh Chawan, Head-Learning and Development
Manager, Aster pharmacy, Bangalore 9743274274
Event Duration: 14-02-2023 (1.30 pm to 3.30 pm)
Venue: Chanakya Seminar Hall
Invitation For: 1 st year MBA students
Target Participants: 1 st year MBA students
No of Participants: 114
Outcome of the Program:

  • Students learnt how to manage the time and set proper goals to measure their progress to achieve within a
  • Students learnt that Time Management increase productivity by managing their time effectively.
  • Students also learnt that Time management leads positive effect on health like getting a good night sleep is
    essential for their brain and body to recharge itself and this reflects positively on their health energy
  • Students learnt how to fix their schedule for all their tasks for the day.


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