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“Logical Thinking and Problem Solving”

Resource Person: Dr.S R Subramanya, President and CEO, Exskillence, San Diego, USA
Date: 28th May 2024
Time:10:30 AM to 12:30PM
Venue:APJ Abdul Kalam Hall
Organizer: Dr. Sunitha R, Associate Professor, ECE.
Participants: 4th semester students
In the current information age, which is increasingly driven by technology, data, and automation, it is important for students and working professionals across disciplines, to be well grounded in logical thinking. With needs to cope with phenomenal increases in the amount of information, communication, interactions, changing and challenging societal needs and demands, logical thinking and problem solving is extremely essential and valuable for students and all professionals – scientists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, public administrators, law enforcement officials, managers, etc. It has been recognized that, for students to be successful as part of the future workforce, they must be adept at several of the “21st century skills” in order to be successful. Such skills include logical thinking and problem solving, quantitative and analytical skills, oral and written communication, team work and collaboration, etc. Among these skills, logical thinking and problem solving skills are very foundational in almost every facet of modern life.

Outcome: Students will be able to:

  • understanding of ambiguities in statements;
  • understanding and use of elements of propositional logic;
  • practice in the use of logical deduction techniques

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