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Introduction and Basics/Initial Exposure to Electrical and Electronics Industry 2023

Name of event: Technical seminar on Introduction and Basics/initial
exposure to Electrical and Electronics Industry

Duration: 1 day on 24/03/2023
Venue: Aryabhatha Seminar Hall,RRCE.
Chief Guests: G.L.Raghavendra Prasad, Director, Vidhaatri Enerprises and
Consultants Pvt Ltd
Sponsorship(if Any): Honorable Management
Topics covered:

  • Skills That Must Be Adapted By Electrical Engineers
  • Simple control circuit,control elements and Interlocks
  • Motor Power And Control Circuit
  • Motor Connections Delta and Star

Target audience: EEE students.
Number of Audience: 90
Outcome of Event: How to handle the Control supply, Manual control
switches (ON/OFF), Normally Open Contact, Normally Closed Contact, On-delay
timer contact, Off delay timer contact, Contactor ( power and control) Relays(when
multiple NO/NC contacts for controlling and protecting the electrical equipment) etc

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