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Inauguration of Musical Club – 2024

Type of Event : Inauguration of Musical Club
Event Name : A Grand Opening of Musical Club with “STRING THEORY” – The Band of RRCE
Date of Organization: Thursday, 4th January 2024
Event Coordinator: Prof. Prutha G
Outcome of the Event :
Students enjoyed the musical evening with all the instrumental music’s and with wonderful songs sung by the “STRING THEORY” – The Band of RRCE.
Students with full enthuse they played instruments made a pleasant full memory with the songs.
Instrumental Juggle Bandhi was conducted with all musical instruments which made a memorable moment for all the students present.
All the students from 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year students participated in the event very actively made the program grand success

  • Shruthi R 1RR21IS052 ISE department
  • Dhruthi R 1RR21IS014 ISE department
  • Brinda Siddegowda 1RR21IS007 ISE department
  • Abhisyanth M 1RR22CS003 CSE department
  • Raghunandan R K 1RR22IC047 IOT department
  • Sreerama M P 1RR22CS156 CSE department
  • Ganesh Prabhu S 1RR21IS015 ISE department
  • Spoorthi Janadri 1RR22RA026 R&A department
  • Lakshmikantha R K 1RR22IS019 ISE department
  • Kushi P M 1RR22CS071 CSE department

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