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News & Events

First Year Induction Programme – 2018

On 14/8/2018 the creative club of RRCE has been conducted many events as below:
1) Creative writing
2) Sketching
3) Painting
4) Craft work

Students were participated in all the events and exhibit their skills excellently. Students shown their interests and involvement earnestly. It given a chance to the students exibhit their
talents towards the creative skills. It helps us to identify the student’s skills at the right beginning of their programmes. It also helps us to give extra care over them to guide and improve their skills.

For creative writing event 172 students were take part and expressed their talents in writing for various topics as:
1) A Place I like to Visit
2) Holidays at Home
3) I like My Mobile Phone
4) When I meet my Role Model
5) A Day without Electricity
The event results are as follows:
Kavya .k ISE-1st place.
ChandrashekarCSE-2nd place.
AfzalullaCSE-3rd place.

For sketching event 63 students were participated, students did pencil sketching for many topics as:
1) Draw yourself as An Original Super Hero
2) Draw An Empty Room, Make it Interesting
3) Draw your Favorite Place
4) Monsters
5) Animal that are Imaginary
6) My Dream
The results are as below:

Divya K ISE-1st
Kishore R Civil-2nd
Moksha.S.Babu CSE-3rd
Rohith J ECE-3rd

For painting events Tenstudents were participated. Students using variouswater and oil colours for their paintings exhibit their talents stressing the various themes. The results are as follows:

IrfanHassifBhat Civil- 1st place.
Sahana .S ISE- 2nd place.
Manoj Ali Mia CSE -3rd place.

For Craft work Nine students were participated. Students exhibit their skills using various materials and made the products. This event really gives the pleasure to students by giving the shape to their imaginations. The results are as below:

Priyanka S CSE-1st place.
Soundarya H R ECE-2nd place.
Chaitra ISE-3rd place.

Certificates are distributed for the respective event winners.

Some of the Feed Backs from Students are:

Yes, the VTU Board has taken a very good decision; this should be continued to all batches.

Nice, it will bring out our talent outside.

It was an energetic session, which boosted us a lot and made us to participate in the activities.

The program was interesting and motivational. This program benefitted me.

The event was amazingly good; I got lots of fun from it.