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Educational Outreach Program 2018

Resource Person : Faculties and Students of ECE Department, RRCE

Date : 28th March 2018

Venue : Govt. Primary School, Hosa Byrohalli, Sulikere (Post), Kengeri (Hobli).

Objective :

Objective of the outreach program is to impart knowledge about the “Electronics and Computer basics“to the primary school students.

Target Participants : Govt. Primary School students, Hosa Byrohalli, Sulikere (Post), Kengeri (Hobli).

Number of students registered : 30

Outcome of the event:

  • The Students understood the basics of few electronics components.
  • The Students connected circuits of LED light on/off, DC motor on/off and how to regulate the speed of DC motor.
  • They even enjoyed the working of Two way switch and touch sensor.
  • The Students could understand the difference between conductor and insulator.
  • The Students understood the basics of a computer.
  • The Students worked on MS-Word and Paint.
  • The Students enthusiastically participated in running a remote controlled car done by our students.

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