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Creative Club 2020

Name of event: Creative club-2020

Duration: 11th May 2021

Venue: Webinar

Participants: Students of RRCE

Outcome of the Program :
Campus communities need a place to come together, now more than ever. The activities from in-person to virtual settings in light of the COVID-19 crisis, campus event organizers are looking for new ways to engage students digitally.
The attempts were made by the creative club to create something new and allow the students to think, develop and explore the ideas digitally.

Letters for building words:
The participants have to spelling out alphabets (as in a contest) with the use of only those letters found in a particular word or phrase within the stipulated time. The winner was announced based on the highest number of words identified and phrased the sentence from the identified words.

Memory matching game.
Matching games improve language, concentration and memory, improve concentration, train visual memory, increase short term memory, increase attention to detail, improve the ability to find similarities and differences in objects, help to classify objects that are grouped by similar traits.
where the participants were given 60 seconds to rapidly answer a series of questions which decided the winning three teams of the event.

Covid 19- How to overcome the present scenario:
Ideations are intensive brainstorming events where individuals from different backgrounds, skills and interests converge to diagnose predefined problems, identify the best opportunities and ideate the most viable solution.
The event was made even more fun and interesting when the audience was giving the answers.

The event was hosted by the creative club coordinators
Prof.Nandini N- Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dept
Prof.Nandini G- Computer science Engineering Dept
Prof. Ashwini patil- Information science Engineering Dept
Prof. Bhabitha M –Civil Engineering Dept
Prof. Madhushudhan – Mechanical engineering Dept
We thank our Principal and management for encouragement and support.

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