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Concepts to Program Using C

Event Duration : 1st October 2016

Venue : Satyendra Nath Bose Seminar Hall, Department of ECE, RRCE, Bengaluru

Resource Person : Prof.Hayavadan, Department of MCA,RRCE,Bengaluru

Organizing Committee : Dr. L SwarnaJyothi, Prof & Head ECE, RRCE, Bengaluru

Workshop Objective :

For clear understanding of programming concepts, compiler, operating systems, higher level languages and programming structures such as loops, arrays, strings, functions and pointer concepts.

Target Participants : First semester ECE students are invited to participate.

Outcome of the program/workshop :

  • Students have learned fundamentals of higher level language C.
  • During workshop they wrote programs of their own starting from simple input and output statements.
  • They were able to write programs independently using loop statements.
  • Programs for multidimensional arrays were made easy, they could write programs up to three dimensional arrays and strings.
  • The students were actively involved and expressed their satisfaction about learning C programming.
  • This workshop developed interest in the students for learning further and making small projects in the upcoming semesters.

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