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Career Opportunities in Embedded System with IOT

Date: 08/12/2023
Time: 11:00 AM
Venue: ECE Seminar Hall
Resource Persons: Mr.Vijaya Mahantesh,
Technical Director,Cadmaxx
Edtech, Pvt.Ltd.
Participants: 5th SEM ECE & EEE (5th and 7th sem)STUDENTS
Outcome of the Programme:
Students gained information about the following:
Career opportunities in Embedded systems and IoT some of the popular jobs that you can go for after embedded systems and IoT are as follows whose main function is to update code and provide frequent reports on their actions.

  • Engineer in embedded Linux
  • Embedded IoT application developer
  • Cyber security embedded developer
  • Cyber security embedded developer
  • Engineer of microcontroller firmware.