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Capgemini Women Transformation Program (Part 2 –Database Management) – 2023

Type of Event: Capgemini Women Transformation Program Advanced C+ .NET Programming (Part 2 –Database Management)
Resource Person: Mohamed Abdul Kader A Technical Product Manager, Tiger Holidays
Date of the Programme: 29.08.2023 to 16.09.2023
Faculty Co-Ordinator: Dr.D.Kirubha Associate Professor Dr.M.Selvi
Students attended: 7th Semester of CSE Girl Students (61)
Outcome of the Programmme:
Students gained information about the following:

  • MS SQL Server
  • Web Applications using .NET
  • ASP .NET and Web Programming
  • Agile Fundamentals
  • Understanding Multitier Architecture
  • MVC Life Cycle
  • Dependency Injection and Creating Services
  • Implementing CRUD Operations
  • Action and Action Results
  • Data Passing Techniques
  • Building Logics
  • Mapping Data
  • Working with Razor and Bootstrap
  • Understating WebAPI
  • Implementing Filters
  • DotNet and IIS
  • REST Services

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