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5 Days FDP on AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Resource Person : Mr. Vishram Thatte, Technical Project Manager, AWS Academy

Date : 9th – 13th Dec 2019

Time : 09:00 AM

Duration : 5 Days

Venue : Dennis Ritchie Seminar Hall & Internet Lab

Target Participants : CSE,ISE Faculties


The aim of the FDP was to enhance the teaching and research capabilities of the faculties which inturn helps them in educating the students.

Topics Covered :

Day 1: 11/12/19

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials: Course introduction
Cloud Practitioner Essentials:Cloud Concepts:Virtualization,Virtual private Cloud,Availability Zones, Edge locations, EC2 instances, Amazon Machine Image, Load balancing
AWS Cloud Practitioner Core Services lab: Introduction to Amazon EC2, Working with EBS

Day 2:12/12/19

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials: S3, RDS, Autoscaling
AWS Cloud Practitioner Core Services lab: Build your VPC and Launch a web server, Build a Database server, Scale and Load Balance your Architecture

Day 3:13/12/19

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials: AWS IAM, Billing and Support
AWS Cloud Practitioner Core Services lab: Introduction to AWS IAM.
AWS Cloud Practitoner Sample test(online).

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