Publications of Pruthviraj R.D

Research Papers Published at R&D Centre, RRCE

  1. Pruthviraj.R.D, Ashok.S.D. Venkatesh.T.V. “Fabrication and corrosion studies through weight loss method of aluminium 7075 alloy reinforced with silicon carbide particulate in 1N NaOH Solution” International Journal of Applied Chemistry, ISSN 0973-1792 Volume 10,No.1 (2014) pp.1-8

  2. Pruthviraj.R.D S.D.Ashok, G.P.Mamatha,T “Corrosion Characterization of Aluminium-7075/Silicon Carbide Metal Matrix Composites” International Journal of Advanced Research in Chemical Science(IJARCS) Feb 2015, Volume 2 Issue 1,PP 24-29, ISSN 2349-0403

Paper Presented at Conference:

Dr. Pruthviraj.R.D. has presented the paper titled “Corrosion inhibition studies of Al-7075 in Schiff’s Base as inhibitor” at the national conference on Recent Trends in Material Science on 13th Oct 2014 at Goggate Institute of Technology, Belgaum, Karnataka.