Publications of Mr. Vishwanath K.C

International Journal

  1. Vishwanath K.C “Corrosion Studies of Al7075 / Silicon Carbide Composites in Acid Chloride Medium” to International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research, (Special issue- Issue 5 volume 5), ISSN 2249-9954, Available online on

International Conference

  1. Vishwanath. K.C “Design And Analysis of Simulator Handling System For Star Tracker During Space Craft Level Integrated Mode Testing” to International Multi Conference on Innovations in Engineering and Technology IMCIET- 2014 will be held in Bangalore, in the month of August 21st-23rd 2014.

National Conference

  1. 1) Vishwanath. K.C “Characterization of Mechanical and Rheological behavior of Epoxy-Satin-Glass fiber Polymer Composite by Experimental Techniques” in the National Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering – AIM 2014 organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, T John College of Engineering, Bengaluru 25th April 2014.

  2. Vishwanath. K.C “Automated Material Handling Vehicle Using Line Follower” (Without Microcontroler), in NATCON15 on 21st may 2015 held at GEC, Bangalore.

  3. Vishwanath. K.C “Elastic-Plastic Stress-Strain Behavior of Notched Specimen under Monotonic Loading” in NCME-RRIT 2014 on May 16th to 17th 2014 held at RRIT, Bangalore.

  4. Vishwanath. K.C “Emission Control Using Different Groove Pattern (Trial And Error Method to Get Design Specification)” in NATCON15 on 21st may 2015 held at GEC, Bangalore.