Publications of Madhu K.S

International Journal

K.S.Madhu, B R Wadekar “Intelligent Two Axis Solar Tracking System with Mechanical Application” at International Journal of Scientific & Research Volume 3, Issu 9, September-2012.

International Conference

K.S.Madhu, G.S.Shiva Shankar, T. Srinath “Design and Development of Multi-Zone Conveyor Curing Furnace for FRP Composites”, at International Conference AMMMT-2010 held at Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur during 18th& 19th November 2010.

National Conference

K.S.Madhu, Manjunath.S, Shashidhara.M.R,Sriharsha Kumar ‘Design Optimization of Automotive Emission System Using Computational Fluid Dynamics” at national conference on ETME’12 held at Rajarajeswari College of Engineering, Bangalore during 24th& 25th February 2012.