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The department of Mathematics was established in the year 2006. Beginning with a modest strength of two faculties members in the first year, the department now comprises of seven well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members of whom three are doctorate degree and two are pursuing their PhD programme.The department offers courses for both for I and II year BE students and also M.Tech student, requiring extra help in mathematics are identified and special classes are conducted for them to enable them to perform well. As a result of the sincere of the team the department has been consistently obtaining excellent results. The department is recognized as one of its research centre by the VTU during the year 2011. Currently 5 persons are pursuing part time Ph. D progarmme.The thrust area of research of the department Fluid Mechanics, Differential Geometry.

Base on the needs of various disciplines the department is imparting the updated curriculum from time to time with the available expertise. In addition to offering the core course.


To impart quality education in Mathematics, thus laying a strong foundation for the study of engineering subjects and to enhance the student logical mathematical and analytical skills hence enabling students develop an appreciation of mathematics and its application.


To enable students to understand and appreciate the fundamental concepts of Technology.

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  • Objective

    To enable the students to apply the knowledge of Mathematics in various engineering fields by making them to learn the following partial derivatives, vector calculus , ordinary Differential equations, Laplace transform, Fourier series, Integral transform, Function of a complex variable, Numerical methods.

    Programme Outcomes
    • Solve differential equations of electrical circuits forced oscillation of mass spring and elementary heat transfer.
    • Solve the differential equation fluid mechanics, electromagnetic theory and heat transfer.
    • Use curl and divergence of vector valued function in various applications of electricity magnetism and fluid flows.
    • Use matrices techniques for solving system of linear equations in the different area of linear algebra.
    • Analyze position velocity and acceleration in two or three dimension using the Calculus of vector valued function.
    • Recognize and solve first order ordinary differential equation Newton’s Law of Cooling.

    Course @ Glance

    • Engineering Mathematics-I
    • Engineering Mathematics-II
    • Engineering Mathematics-III
    • Engineering Mathematics-IV
    • Advanced Mathematics-I
    • Advanced Mathematics-II
    • Applied Mathematics.

    News & Events

    • 24
    • Jan
    • 2018

    Faculty Development Programme

    Department of Mathematics Organizing FDP on 24-1-2018

    • 25
    • Sep
    • 2017

    Invited Talk on Counting Principles and its Applications

    Department of Mathematics Organizing Invited Talk on Counting Principles and its Applications on 25-09-2017

    • 7
    • Sep
    • 2017

    Guest Lecture on Application of Fourier Transforms

    Department of Mathematics Organizing Guest Lecture on Application of Fourier Transforms on 7-09-2017

    • 19
    • May
    • 2017

    National Conference on Emerging Trends in Applied Sciences ETAS-17

    National Conference on Emerging Trends in Applied Sciences, ETAS-17 conference will be held on 17th & 18th May 2017 at RRCE